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Cooper AT3-4S

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New generation all-terrain with more grip for all surfaces and in all weather.

Available Sizes

Tyre Details

The new generation all-terrain AT34S™ with SUV light duty construction delivers a softer & quieter ride, for outstanding on-road grip and handling. Great for week commutes and weekend getaways and guaranteed to last 70,000KM* for real value for money.

Key Features

  • Aqua-Vac Tread Technology - Provides maximum water and soft surface drainage from the tread pattern to maintain crisp and constant feel through the steering wheel in wet weather.

  • Gentle Whisper Groove™ Shields - Contain tread pattern noise within the tread area to deliver even lower tread pattern noise (20% less) for increased in-cabin comfort. (“Listen to the music”)

  • High Tensile Light Truck Body Ply - Giving Light Truck sidewall strength (unique to Cooper) protect your tyre from sidewall abrasion and increases resistance to sidewall damage.

  • R-Tech Engineering - For high ride comfort, combines an extended and stiff bead filler in the sidewall with Variable density nylon overlay over the tread to deliver crisp handling while maintain passenger comfort. R-Tech gives you a safer, softer and smoother ride that you can feel in your hands.

  • Scalloped Shoulders - Deliver increased soft surface off-road traction usually reserved for a more aggressive tread design. This feature allows additional traction without compromising on road tyre performance and safety.

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Size Range

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology
225/70R15 100T
235/75R15 109T XL
255/70R15 108T
265/70R15 112T
215/70R16 100T
215/70R16 100T
225/70R16 103T
235/70R16 106T
235/70R16 106T
255/70R16 111T
255/70R16 111T
235/60R17 102T
235/65R17 108H XL
235/65R17 108T XL
245/65R17 111T XL
245/65R17 111T XL
255/65R17 110T
265/50R20 111T XL
265/50R20 111T XL
275/55R20 117T
275/55R20 117T
275/45R22 112H XL