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Road Force Balance

Tyres have changed over the years. So have cars. And one of the more common problems that we find with automobiles in general has to do with tyres. Tyres have changed from being a tall tyre, Today tyres are much lower profile. The distance from the rim to the top of the tread is less and the sidewall is much stiffer. This means that minor problems can be amplified and transmitted into the car and you feel things a lot more than you used to.

Tyrepower Werribee offers customers around Hoppers Crossing and Melbourne an alternative to Wheel balancing, Road Force Touch Balance. Introducing the latest in technology the Hunter Road Force Touch Balancer (Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Touch & Hunter Road Force Elite).

Road Force Balance is commonly used by assembly plants around the world for the OE (Original Equipment). Road Force balance provides full diagnostics of your Wheel & Tyre providing accurate Force Match positioning of your wheel and tyre assembly. Not only will Road Force balance your wheels but the Road Force Touch roller applying approx. 1,200 pounds of pressure to simulate the weight of your vehicle can determine any imperfection in your Wheel and Tyre, but can also eliminate tyre assembly errors during the tyre fitting process to the wheel.

With on-site training from Hunter Equipment and regular in house training with Road Force Balancing there is no job too big or small for our experienced team. Tyrepower Werribee also provides customers across Melbourne with Road Force Balance for all makes and models of vehicles.

So if you have been to multiple tyre or service centres and have not solved your vibration issue visit or call Tyrepower Werribee on (03) 8368 2366 and ask our professional sales team about getting your vehicle Road Forced today.

Hunter Road Force Elite Balancer now available at Tyrepower Werribee

Road Force Balance Explained

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