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Toyo Tyres Explained

About Toyo Tyres

Toyo Tyres is dedicated to quality and road safety, Toyo tyres give you the best in performance and all weather grip.

Toyo’s range of passenger car and performance car tyres offer the best quality and construction, ensuring the highest levels of safety. Toyo tyres are a durable, longer lasting and low noise choice for drivers of small to large passenger cars. A premium, quality tyre, Toyo’s will perform better for you than cheap alternatives in critical areas, such as tyre wear, wet weather braking and road handling.


From the commute to the circuit, the Proxes range of performance tyres are state of the art designs, created for the ideal mix of high-speed stability and cornering power paired with precise steering response and quick braking, wet weather and dry.


The culmination of eco-tyre technology, Toyo’s NanoEnergy 3 makes no compromises on safety, saving fuel without conceding grip or durability. Proxes C100 is a high quality all-rounder with extremely low tread noise and prolonged tread life, for superior ride comfort. Toyo tyres are suited to a variety of passenger cars, including Toyota, Holden, Mazda, Hyundai, Ford and many more.



Performance starts with keeping you safe…

Performance isn't just about braking, acceleration and cornering. It's also about keeping more tread on the road for more control so you arrive at your destination safely. The combination of Toyo's silica-tread compound and tyre construction provides predictable vehicle control in a range of weather conditions and road surface types. In poor weather, Toyo tyres provide a safety margin that other tyres made with older technology simply cannot match.


Multi-wave sipes

Sipes are tiny grooves in your tyres that provide increased grip on slippery roads (such as the first rain after a long dry spell). The sipes lock together when you brake offering better traction. However, normal sipes can increase the tread wear rate and lead to irregular wear and increased noise. Multi-wave sipes, by contrast are designed to minimise those disadvantages.


Silica Tread Compounds

Found in many Toyo tyres, silica tread compounds enhance wet grip and braking, helping maintain control and traction while also lowering rolling resistance.



Ideally, you won't even notice how smooth the ride is

Nobody enjoys driving on a noisy, rough tyre. Or having to endure the likes of 'pipe resonance' – that annoying whistle that can occur on smooth surfaces. This is why Toyo has developed our special Silent Wall technology to reduce the noise. Plus, our Advanced Tyre Operation Module (ATOM) allows us to manufacture uniform, balanced tyres that offer a smoother ride and more even wear.


Toyo's Silent Wall

Silent Wall technology can be found in many Toyo tyres. It centres on tiny serrations placed in the tread walls to disrupt the airflow and reduce the noise.


Conventional Groove Wall

In conventional groove wall tyre design, noise is easily generated as the air moves through the groove walls without being disturbed.



Toyo's utilises its latest R&D findings to produce its high performance tyres. For example, Toyo's newest ultra-high performance tyre, the Proxes T1 Sport, uses the latest tread compound for exceptionally high levels of grip on both dry and wet roads. The asymmetric tread pattern also keeps noise to a minimum. Toyo's performance tyre construction provides high cornering grip and fast steering response without producing a harsh ride.



Toyo is also driven to perform for the environment

Toyo builds tyres that are better in ways that you may not notice. Take Toyo's Technology for example – Toyo’s global initiative to unite technology and ecology. Through Toyo's Technology, are working to use less energy and reduce our environmental impact in the manufacture, composition and performance of every tyre we make.


An E mark indicates that a tyre has low rolling resistance and wet traction, as verified by the Japanese Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association (JATMA). In Australia, the NanoEnergy 3 utilises this technology to ensure that your car provides a more environmentally friendly ride and improved fuel economy.


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