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Why weight distribution is the trick to successful towing

Summer feels like it’s already here, and road trip plans are being laid countrywide.

For many motorists, this means hitching up a boat, caravan or trailer stacked high with good time gear.

When a trailer is connected to a car correct weight distribution is key to maintaining safe handling and avoiding that disconcerting sway filling your wing mirrors. Particularly, the addition of unbalanced weight to the rear of the trailing equipment can play havoc with the way the vehicle will handle and control sway.

When you add high speed into the equation, and throw in an unavoidable, unpredictable emergency manoeuvre the cost of not paying attention to weight distribution is at worst, fatal.

With model cars on a conveyor belt, this video shows on a smaller scale how a car behaves when a load is balanced at speed, and what happens when the towed load is unbalanced, with the rear overloaded.

Source: (http://toyotires.com.au/toyo-blog/668-balancing-act)

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